Beginner’s Guide to Customer Experience Design

How can you build a brand that can withstand the challenges facing our industry? By building a clear vision and strategy for the desired impact you wantto make in the world with your product or service.

This guide includes our Customer Delight Process BlueprintTM. We’ll walk you through the main building blocks of creating a customer experience strategy that moves you from possibility to inspired action.

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What the guide includes:



Overview of Customer Experience Design (CXD) and why it's important.



Why is Customer Experience Design good for business and what poor CXD may be costing you.



Our FREE Customer Delight Process Blueprint. Learn how to build your experience vision, ideal customer persona and how to build a customer journey map.

5 Stages of the Customer Journey
“Laura was instrumental in creating our botaniCo brand. She helped us understand the importance of starting with our experience vision and prioritizing our customer through developing personas and a comprehensive customer journey map, which were crucial in creating our marketing strategy.”

Dawn Prebula, President, botaniCo